Haven Defense was created when we felt a local need for quality defensive gear in 2016, after taking some high end training courses that pushed the gear available past it's limits, we started making our own. Only after a getting into the holster making community did we find a number of other great holster companies. Now we develop our own CNC molds for our line up as well as sell molds to other holster companies to help make quality, fast production gear for everyone. 

Haven Defense is a small company with aims to grow big. Created, owned and operated by Brent Hickmon. Administrative and bookkeeping duties are carried out by Marissa Hickmon. Yes. It's a family small business and we thank you for your patronage. Our mission is simple "Make quality defense of life gear and defend the right to self protection and all it encompasses." 

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We are also firm believers in quality defense of life training. Brent Hickmon is also a firearms instructor, teaching under the fantastic training company, Defenders USA. His classes and other great training opportunities can be found at the Defenders USA link below. We'd love to see you sometime.


For the excellent self defense legal protection option that we ourselves use and promote follow the FLP link below.