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Product Overview

4 week Lead Time for Production Line

CNC Split Molds for holster makers. All Molds are CAD modeled and cut at our location.  All our molds have the following features.

.5" to .6" thick base for Membrane or foam vacuum forming thick enough to use as a trim jig

-extended rear dimensions for easier flush cutting to the final holster shape.  

-Open and slight extend muzzle end design that will help the makers holster accommodate extend barrels or flush cut for compensators.

-Slightly over sized dimension with all control blocking and trigger guard blocking.

- .05" trigger guard blocking depth for that perfect fixed retention ( optional built in .25" adjustable )

-light bearing models feature full light channels with select retention spots on bezel (tlr1 & x300) or mounting clasps (Olight) 

-all standard control blocking, please choose blocking options when you order


* These molds do not come with vacuum holes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review